What Really Makes a Startup Successful

What Really Makes a Startup Successful

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If you’re a startup, you don’t need an article or blog post telling you that your business ideas need to be original, useful, and well, amazing to catch the world’s attention.
You know that, and you know your business plan will execute it all. So when you’re in deep thought about what makes your startup unique,clock stock photo think broader than just your business’ product or service, because when it comes down to it, all past successful startups provide the same type of service that people love so much – saving time.
Nowadays, all people want to do is save time, no matter what they are doing. From automatic doors to an angry emoji, basic and complex technology is working together so humans have less work to do.

The reality is, if technology disappeared, we’d all be lost, and most of all, we’d notice how much extra work we were putting in to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. We rely on technology for online banking, obtaining world news, and the list goes on.
Gaining such reliance on technology isn’t known as the best quality of this generation, but it is prime time for tech entrepreneurs to make it big with their innovative ideas.
Spotify is a good example of a tech innovation that saves time for users. No one wants to pay three dollars for an individual song. So when Spotify came out, people could instantly have access to millions of songs for a small fee.
And what do people want to save as much as time? Money.
Instead of making that long-distance call, you now can use Skype. Why pay full price when there are sites like Groupon? And who even has cable anymore when all the good shows are waiting on your Netflix account (or your friends account you haven’t logged out of)!
Convenience here is also key. Saving time and money is great for anyone, but if you’re making the user do more than signing up an account for your business, ypexel small uberou may scare them away.
Think of an app like Uber. Uber on average is a cheaper alternative to a taxi service, but what made it even more popular is the process of ordering one. All users had to do was download an app and account, so getting a guarunteed ride in 10 minutes was just a click of a button away.
So, if you’re an entrepreneur in this digital age, remember – if your startup can save a person time, money and overall be convenient to the customer, you are on the right track, keep hustling.

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