We Help Immigrant Entrepreneurs Grow and Scale their Businesses in Canada

What is the STARTup
Visa Program?

Our STARTup Visa Program is one of the few rural business incubators in Canada backed by the federal government.

We help entrepreneurs from other countries grow their businesses in Canada. This helps create jobs and economic prosperity for everyone.


Skilled knowledge that is

Trustworthy through an

Approachable environment with

Reliable mentors.

15-Month Program

Once you submit an application, we will contact you for an interview. If you are successful, you will start the 15-month program in the next available group.

All programs are in English.


3-Month Virtual Accelerator

Learn how to operate and grow a successful business in Canada through online workshops and programming.

Milestone Review

We will review how prepared and ready you are to grow your business in Canada.

Letter of Support

If your application is successful, we will provide you with a Letter of Support so that you can get immigrate to Canada.

Immigrate to Canada / 12-Month Incubation Program

Immigrate to Canada to start a 12-month business incubation program in Peterborough, Ontario.

12-Month Incubation

After you arrive in Canada, you will go through our 12-month program to prepare you for startup success. The program has three parts:

1-on-1 Mentorship
Knowledge & Skills Training
Networking Opportunities

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Program Requirements

If you want to immigrate to Canada with your startup, you must:

• have a business that is innovative
• a letter of support from us
• meet the language requirements
• bring enough money to settle in Canada

Click HERE for full requirement details.

Our Program Requirements

and the Kawarthas

Located 90 minutes northeast of Toronto and closely situated to the U.S. border, Peterborough and the Kawarthas is a region surrounded by nature, farmland, and more than 250 freshwater lakes and rivers.

Not only is the region beautiful, but it also has vibrant downtowns, prosperous businesses, and hardworking entrepreneurs that are encouraged by the community. Consequently, many businesses choose this region to start up, expand, or develop.


2 Collaborative Workspaces

Environments that inspire, motivate and connect entrepreneurs.


Peterborough, ON

Kawartha Lakes

Lindsay, ON

Learn more about our 2 locations, world-class amenities, and Makerspaces!

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More than $1 billion into 1500+ Canadian companies in the last decade!

The Innovation Cluster was appointed as a Designated Entity of the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO), the Government of Canada’s partner that recommends which groups should be angel investors and business incubators. The Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship makes decisions based on these recommendations.

NACO is Canada’s only national platform for both angel investors and innovation hubs that support Canada’s entrepreneurs. It includes 4,200 angel investors, 44 angel groups, and 45 of Canada’s most prominent incubators and accelerators.


Please contact the Innovation Cluster for further information on the program fees.

If you pass and complete the 3-month virtual accelerator and milestone review, you will get a Letter of Support from the Innovation Cluster to begin your 12-month incubation residency. 

You can discuss with the Innovation Cluster staff any individual costs associated with the residency and different options within the incubation program.




STARTup Visa Program Coordinator

Ann-Majella uses her knowledge to connect immigrant entrepreneurs with advisors and experts as they prepare for business success in Canada.

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Tel: (705) 536-1101


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