Cleantech: Are You Ready to Shape the Future?

Cleantech: Are You Ready to Shape the Future?

Helping cleantech startups like you find your best path to market by linking together talented people, ideas, resources + know how.

It takes more than just a great idea to change the world! Peterborough and the Kawarthas have a reputation as a cleantech and water technology innovation cluster, helping entrepreneurs to launch their business in the global marketplace. With less than one million people living in the region and a tight-knit business community, the support and speed of service a new company can expect is extraordinary, and the access to research laboratories, venture capital, and global networks is world class.

The resources within the community are interconnected with each other to bring a global strength to the region like none other. With 151 lakes and countless rivers, and having programs and partnerships dedicated to the formation and growth of cleantech companies allows for any interested individual or business to find the resources needed to succeed in this economic leading region. Resources within Peterborough & the Kawarthas include The Innovation Cluster, CAWT, Trent University, Fleming College and more!

Through these networks, startups and established companies have access to research laboratories, venture capital, global networks, innovation specialists, mentors, incubation and acceleration programming, certification services and an abundance more in this world-class knowledge hub.
These establishments are partnered together to bring resources and knowledge to companies that are looking to take their idea or product to the next level, in order to support startups and entrepreneurs in the cleantech field.

Peterborough Ranked #1 in Ontario to Grow Your Watertech Startup (#2 in Canada)

The Innovation Cluster has recently been ranked by Water Canada magazine as the place to grow a watertech startup. Why? The issue highlights various opportunities a startup has to thrive in the region, including:

  • Affordable cost of living
  • Innovation Specialists
  • Located in between Ottawa and Toronto
  • World-Class hub of resources
  • Business ecosystem services
  • Watertech Success Stories
  • Overall startup culture

Read the issue here.
Visit our page here to learn more about contacting us to scale your cleantech startup.

Peterborough Ranked the Best Place for Watertech Startups to Thrive in Ontario by Water Canada

Peterborough Ranked the Best Place for Watertech Startups to Thrive in Ontario by Water Canada

Peterborough, Ontario has been ranked first place in Ontario and second in Canada (Sherbrooke, Quebec listed at number one) for a watertech startup to thrive, as listed in the most recent issue of Water Canada Magazine.

What makes Peterborough the place to be is the abundance of resources including the Innovation Cluster, Peterborough Region Angel Network, VentureNorth, Trent University and its Trent Makerspace and coming Cleantech Commons, Fleming College’s Centre for Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies, Peterborough and the Kawarthas Economic Development, all supporting startups in the cleantech sector. The collaboration of these resources makes the region one of the top places in Canada for companies to receive individual high-class support on a global scale.

“The Innovation Cluster staff and client companies have worked tirelessly to set our region apart as a watertech hub and is proud to compass a prominent role in providing cleantech support through company mentorship and acceleration,” says Michael Skinner, President & CEO of the Innovation Cluster. “We have helped push multiple startups to market success and are excited to see that Canada is beginning to take notice.”

Water Canada noted the previous cleantech companies that have thrived in the Peterborough area, including Aclarus, ozone water treatment systems, Noblegen, a lab space that produces sustainable proteins for a large scope of products, and Rainmaker Worldwide, a company that has gone worldwide with its innovative systems that turn air vapour into potable water.
The feature references the affordability of living with the median cost for a four-bedroom house at $329,000, one of the province’s shortest average commute times, a close-knit business community and being surrounded by bodies of water as just a few of the factors that led to the decision. Water Canada Magazine boasts that Peterborough also holds the highest percentage of immigrant entrepreneurs in Canada.

“The Kawarthas’ comes from the Anishinaabe word meaning ‘the land of shining waters’,” says John Gillis, Cleantech Innovation Specialist at the Innovation Cluster. “We’ve got the Trent-Severn Waterway here, 151 lakes, and countless rivers, which makes it the perfect place for the cleantech sector to thrive.”
You can download the magazine here.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Involved With FastStart!

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Involved With FastStart!

FastStart is a program designed to increase entrepreneurship skills, awareness and help innovative, young entrepreneurs create solid business plans that take their products and services to market – quickly and successfully. So how does FastStart help young entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into reality? We’ve taken the top 5 reasons FastStart is best at helping young entrepreneurs succeed.

1. Knowledgeable Staff and Valuable Partnerships – FastStart is powered by knowledgeable members of the Innovation Cluster, Fleming College and Trent University, who have years of experience in business, entrepreneurship, technology and more! Joining FastStart allows any entrepreneur to create personal connections with business leaders and mentors in Peterborough and the Kawarthas and beyond.

2. An Inclusive and Motivational Community – The mission of FastStart is to allow entrepreneurs to have an inclusive community that helps them every step of the way in building a business. Often, young entrepreneurs that are starting out with only a business idea struggle with finding resources and know-how. FastStart uses its partnerships, incubation space, events, workshops and more to give youth every opportunity to make their business ideas reality. FastStart provides a safe, inclusive space for entrepreneurs to work with like minded individuals to achieve their dreams in any sector.

3. FREE Resources – We may argue that the best part about joining FastStart is that everything is FREE, so there’s really no reason any youth entrepreneur in Peterborough and the Kawarthas should feel without help in their business. Our resources include. . .


4. See First-Hand Local Businesses FastStart Has Helped Build – FastStart has been helping youth entrepreneurs for years to learn about owning their own business and how to build one from a business plan to taking it to market. Here are a few entrepreneurs that are currently operating their dream startup!

Lindsay Brock – Amusé Coffee Co.
After 15 years of serving coffee and tea, working locally at both Starbucks and David’s Tea, Lindsay Brock decided it was time to open her own café. After a trip to Paris and experiencing the location’s café charm, she wanted to bring the same experience to Peterborough. Amusé Coffee Co. opened on George St. in Peterborough in 2015, where Brock is still located today. Through the help of FastStart, Lindsay is now serving Fair Trade Organic whole bean coffee, premium loose tea, and a range of baked goods and brunch options with a French-feel.

Alex Gastle – Vetterview
Alex Gastle joined FastStart after entering its program Slingshot and winning the program’s final pitch competition for his company, Vetterview. Vetterview is a platform that connects social media influencers and micro-influencers directly with brands looking to leverage influencer marketing through paid collaborations. Alex Gastle came up with the Vetterview idea while living in London, England, observing that brands could better connect with the world around them. Over countless cups of tea, a flight to Toronto and extensive research into social media endorsement, the Vetterview model came to life. Alex Gastle then came back to Peterborough, and with the help of FastStart, further grew his company, obtained a cash prize and is continuing to operate Vetterview full-time!

Jessica Dalliday – Healthy Sweet Potato
Jessica Dalliday currently lives in Kawartha Lakes and is a very busy entrepreneur, running a full-time blog, athletic therapy services, being an influencer and teaching pilates! Jessica always knew health and fitness would be a big influence in her life, which is why she pursued Kinesiology in school and went on to personal training and athletic therapy in Toronto. Recently, Jessica has moved to the Kawartha Lakes area and joined FastStart to continue her entrepreneurial path in a new area, and is now more busy than ever! Through FastStart, Jessica was able to network in the Peterborough business community and make lasting connections for her career.

5. Make Your Dreams A Reality – FastStart provides a safe, inclusive space for entrepreneurs to work with like minded individuals to achieve their dreams in any sector. Head to our FastStart page HERE for everything you need to know about the programming, upcoming events or workshops and sign up for our monthly newsletter below to stay up-to-date on everything youth entrepreneurship!

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