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Full-Service Accelerator

LevelUP is a 12-week accelerator, focusing on mature entrepreneurs and regional innovators in Peterborough and the Kawarthas.

Our unique cohort model provides individualized mentoring and a flexible approach, tailored to make your journey as unique as your business idea.

10K Pitch Competition
New Feature: As a participant in the LevelUP program, you gain exclusive access to our 10k Pitch Competition, providing a unique platform to secure funding up to $10,000 and showcase your business to industry leaders and investors.

What We Offer

Participants of LevelUP gain critical skills, knowledge, connections, and an opportunity to access funding. We focus on nurturing businesses in five key sectors: Agri tech, Healthcare, Cleantech, Social Innovation, and Digital Technology, offering:

  • Mentorship and Expert Guidance: Receive personalized mentorship from industry leaders.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a community of entrepreneurs, investors, and potential collaborators.
  • Exclusive Opportunities for Funding: LevelUP graduates gain the chance to pitch for grant funding to support their capital acquisition and market validation efforts. A key highlight is our 10k Pitch Competition, offering significant funding and exposure to industry experts and investors.
  • Workshops and Seminars: Participate in workshops designed to refine your business model and strategy.
  • Comprehensive Services: Gain access to resources, including co-working spaces and advanced technology.

Structured Program
for Business Growth

The LevelUP program operates two cohorts annually (February and August), each hosting a group of ten companies. Our 12-week journey is dedicated to validating your business ideas and preparing your business for funding.

The program’s framework is built on four pillars: Knowledge Transfer, Networking, Traction, and Funding Preparation. This structured approach ensures your business is made robust enough for the challenges of the business world.

Knowledge Transfer: Learn from experts and gain hands-on experience
in essential business skills.
Networking: Build valuable relationships that can propel your business forward.
Traction: Develop strategies for measurable growth and market impact.
Funding Preparation: Acquire the skills and insights to confidently approach investors and secure funding.

Your Path to Success

By the end of the LevelUP program, you will not only have a validated business idea but also a comprehensive business plan, a robust go-to-market strategy, and a supportive network of mentors and peers.

As a key milestone on your path to success, our 10k Pitch Competition presents a unique opportunity to demonstrate your business’ potential. Winning this competition can be a game-changer, providing you with essential funding and exposure to industry leaders.

12-Week Intensive Program

Upon joining LevelUP, entrepreneurs undergo a transformative process, starting with idea validation and culminating in a pitch event for potential investors. Our program structure is as follows:

Idea Validation

In the first week, we focus on validating your business idea through market research, customer interviews, and feasibility analysis.

Organizing Your Business

We delve into the legal, operational, and organizational aspects of setting up your business.

Business Planning & Business Canvas

This week is dedicated to creating a comprehensive business plan that outlines your vision, mission, and strategies.

Development and Innovation

Focus on product development and innovation to ensure your offering meets market demands.

Financials and Seed Funding

Delve into financial planning and budgeting and explore various funding options available.

Launch - Go-to-Market Plan

Develop a comprehensive go-to-market strategy to maximize your business' launch success.

First Customer Acquisition

Learn customer acquisition strategies to secure your initial customer base.

Building a Sales Engine

Build and optimize your sales engine, crucial for business growth.

Team Building

Focus on crafting a team that fosters growth, embodies company values, and builds investor confidence.

WEEK 10:
Scaling Your Business

Explore strategies for scaling your business while maintaining core values.

WEEK 11:

Connect with mentors, industry experts, and entrepreneurs to expand your professional network.

WEEK 12:
Funding and Exit Strategy

We focus on funding and exit strategies, culminating in the exciting 10k Pitch Competition.

Tailored Curriculum and Milestones

The curriculum is designed to refine business models and provide essential support in legal, administrative, market research, customer acquisition, and fundraising areas. Each week features sessions, presentations, and workshops. Cohort members will:

• Submit weekly assignments.
• Receive ongoing mentorship.
• Access a network of ExIR’s.
• Become comfortable with pitching.

A highlight of the program is the demo day or pitch event, offering clients the opportunity to present their progress and pitch for distribution funding amongst peers with the opportunity to win cash prizes of up to $10,000.

Personalized Expert Mentorship

During the program, you’ll benefit from our ExIRs (Experts in Residence) – industry leaders offering mentorship in diverse areas like AI, robotics, sales, marketing, finance, and more. Mentors play a key role in shaping your business’ unique roadmap to success.

Personalized Roadmap and Post-Graduation Support

Clients receive a tailored roadmap for success, crafted with mentor input. Post-graduation, alumni companies continue to receive support and resources, fostering sustained engagement and growth within our network.

Regional Collaboration

LevelUP collaborates with regional stakeholders such as the City of Peterborough, Trent University, Fleming College, and community experts. Focusing on IP and commercialization, we work closely with Intellectual Property Ontario, enhancing the economic development of participating businesses.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Open to entrepreneurs in sectors such as Agri tech, Healthcare, Cleantech, Social Innovation, and Digital Technology.
  • Seeking innovation-driven startups, with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and a team committed to growth and collaboration.
  • Must be a company based in Ontario.
  • Ability to attend the cohort sessions in person at the Innovation Cluster in Peterborough, Ontario.
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