Work Environment of an Entrepreneur: Why is it Important for Success?

Work Environment of an Entrepreneur: Why is it Important for Success?

Becoming a successful startup involves having core entrepreneurial skills such as passion, perseverance, leadership abilities, and financial management. These skills are certainly important for success, however, a work environment can also significantly impact a business.  The work environment of an entrepreneur can either accelerate or hinder business growth, and focusing on what type of work environment will best support your startup, recognizing its benefits, and learning how to establish it can make a huge difference.


What elements make up a work environment?


A work environment is not created from one single element, nor can it be analyzed from one angle. It is made up of many elements in the workplace which typically fall into three main categories: physical environment, business culture, and working conditions.


Physical environment

The size, layout, location, facilities offered, furnishings, etc. 

Business culture

The manner in which people work and interact with one another as well as the overall vibe or feeling. Business culture also includes company goals and values. 

Working conditions

The employment terms for staff including compensation and working hours. It can also include the presence or absence of initiatives to encourage a healthy work environment.  


What are different types of work environments?


According to Holland’s Theory, one of the most widely researched and applied theories of career development, there are six different types of work environments that correspond with six personality types. The six work environments are:


Promotes physical activity and is best for “Doers” who often prefer using tools and working with their hands (i.e. engineering, construction).

Built on critical thinking and problem-solving. People who are “Thinkers” thrive in this environment (i.e. healthcare, technology).

Encourages innovation and personal expression, best for “Creators” who do well in flexible environments (i.e. design, fine art).

Fosters communication and provides help between team members. “Healers” thrive in this work environment because they tend to have more empathy and compassion (i.e. social work, nursing). 

Places an emphasis on supporting others to reach goals, an environment best for “Persuaders” who do well with selling, convincing, and debating (i.e. real estate, public service).

A more traditional environment that attracts “Organizers” who enjoy order and practicality (i.e. finance, traditional offices).


What are the benefits of having a good work environment?


Depending on what type of business you are operating and what industry you are in, the type of work environment that will be best for your company and team to thrive in will vary from other businesses. 

However, no matter which type is best for you and your business, there are common benefits to establishing and fostering a healthy work environment.


3 Major Benefits of Having a Good Work Environment:


  • Increases Morale

When your work environment properly supports you and your team, it boosts everyone’s morale reducing high tensions, stress, and promotes good mental health which is extremely important for entrepreneurs. Working every day amongst people who are generally happy, love their job, and are motivated and inspired is invaluable for your business.


  • Increases Productivity

Working in an environment that is unpleasant, without purpose, and generally chaotic is not conducive to productivity. When you establish an ideal environment it will naturally increase productivity as you will have the space, tools, and atmosphere to be motivated to accomplish more.


  • Attracts the Best Talent

As your business continues to grow, you will need to grow your team. One of the best ways to attract the best people is to have a great work environment that makes people want to work for you over other companies. As part of your recruitment process, you can highlight what sets you apart from other prospects they may be considering.


How do you begin establishing a good work environment as an entrepreneur?


As a startup business owner, especially in the beginning stages of your company, you most likely have limited resources to set up the ideal physical work environment that you have in your mind. Although the physical environment is only one aspect of a work environment, it can be difficult to have the business culture and working conditions that you want if you are operating out of an uninspiring space.

One of the best ways an entrepreneur can begin building a great work environment is to join a startup incubator

Startup incubators are typically free to clients and offer a workspace that is designed to promote collaboration, productivity, and networking. This environment cannot be mirrored by a home setup or a small office; the entrepreneurial energy, support systems, and culture are unparalleled.  Choosing to join a startup incubator will put your business on the right path to establishing its own unique work environment within the startup incubator space.

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