What the Innovation Cluster Looks for in a Start-Up

What the Innovation Cluster Looks for in a Start-Up

When an entrepreneur becomes a client with the Innovation Cluster, it all starts with an initial business idea. From there, the Cluster works with those start-ups to form a business model out of that idea, and work towards creating a successful company.
what we look for in a start-up
From our past client success stories, we know innovative ideas hold so much potential, which is why we make sure they are put into action the right way.
In our space, entrepreneurs are given the support and guidance needed to know how to form their innovative ideas into a real business model to make things happen.
If you’re thinking about starting your own company, and becoming a part of the Innovation Cluster, here is a list of 5 things we look for in a start-up that wants to put their idea to the test:


Don’t throw out the drawing board anytime soon. Even when something becomes successful, advancements are still made. There’s going to be alterations, and sometimes the original idea becomes a whole new concept. Don’t let the changes cause doubt, it just means you’re getting another step closer to success.
With the Cluster, learn how to focus on what’s important about your company and what you really want to achieve. You don’t have to have every detail perfect going in, but you do have to be motivated to make it better every day.


It will start the stepping-stone of getting your name out and how much people actually like your idea. Pitch your idea to your family, friends, and the neighbor who walks his dog down the street every day. It will help you form an idea about who is interested in your product, what’s appealing about your idea, and what’s not, for when you work on your business model.


A website, logo, or social media platform shows that your idea is not only real, it shows that it’s happening. An idea will sound interesting for a moment, but marketing shows it’s here to stay, and will only get better. At the Cluster, we will give you the tools needed to build your business model and create a marketing strategy.


Whatever your business idea is, creating connections with established and start-up companies is beneficial to making your own business successful.
At the Cluster, you will be surrounded by a strong network of business partners and investors. They will be available for guidance about media, marketing, legal and more!
To learn more, visit our knowledge partners page.


It doesn’t sound appealing, but the more you find out what’s not working with your business model, the closer you get to knowing what does.
In our space, you will be part of a support system of other start-ups at the Cluster while you go through the challenges of being a new entrepreneur. Mistakes need to happen in order to find out what does work for you. Together, entrepreneurs at the Cluster will learn how to improve their business models through those mistakes and lead one another to success.
If you want to put your business idea into action, you can contact us by clicking the Become a Client button at the top of this page!
And for more inspiration, check out some of our clients who have already put their business to the test, in our Clients and Tenants page.

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