8 Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs to Be Successful

8 Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs to Be Successful

It feels great completing a project or task. You feel extremely accomplished like you are making real progress. But this moment is often followed by the realization that three more tasks now need to be done, and it feels like you are always taking one step forward and then three steps back. This feeling is common amongst entrepreneurs, but the key is to learn how to best allocate your time. To help you stay focused and keep your eye on what’s important, we are sharing 8 productivity hacks for entrepreneurs that will help you be more efficient and successful.


How can entrepreneurs increase productivity? 


1. Stop creating to-do lists.


First things first, cancel the idea of to-do lists. You may think they help you stay on track, but they actually just end up making you feel more overwhelmed. We suggest taking your current to-do list and transitioning it onto a calendar. 

Begin with one project. Estimate how long it will take you to complete it from start to finish. Then place the project on your calendar, working back from when it needs to be finalized. 

If the project will require multiple days, weeks, or even months, schedule time each day to work on it. This will keep you on track, not overwhelmed, and meet your target deadline.


2. Multitasking accomplishes less, not more.


Startup business owners always have a lot on their minds and several projects on the go. As much it may seem that juggling multiple tasks is getting more accomplished, the opposite is true.

Multitasking disrupts your attention and thought process. As a result, you are giving subpar effort to multiple projects rather than exceptional work to one. 


Schedule projects on your calendar (as outlined in # 1) so you can give your full attention to one project at a time.


3. Delegating is easier than you think.


Passing the baton to others can be scary. After all, as a startup owner, your business is your baby. However, your company cannot continue to grow when you try to do everything on your own. 

Consider if you are ready to hire more team members that can help lighten your load. Hiring team members as a startup opens up a great opportunity to add new skill sets to your company, and you can acquire people who have expertise in areas that you don’t necessarily have.  


4. Urgent tasks should not always come first. 


Does this one come as a surprise? The truth is, many of us stress or panic when a job is labelled as ‘urgent’ by a client or team member. But urgent does not always mean it should become YOUR highest priority. It is all about balance.

It is of course important to deliver high-quality customer service and work well in a team, but sometimes dropping something important you need to work on is not productive for the company. 


5. The word ‘No’ should be a staple in your vocabulary.


‘No’ is a difficult word for many people to spit out, but using it when necessary can be the difference between you being productive and not. 

Often startup owners are pulled in many different directions, and their time is being demanded by too many people all at once. In these situations, the word ‘no’ is necessary so you can stay focused on your goals and what will truly make a difference toward your business’ success.


6. Schedule time for emails and messages.


As you are scheduling projects and tasks in your calendar, also schedule daily time slots for you to check and respond to emails, social media messages, or other platforms that may be important for your business.

We suggest scheduling 3 short time slots daily, approximately 10-20 minutes each, keeping strict to your time slot as it is easy to get sucked in by emails. Proper email management is something that can be a game-changer for your productivity. 


7. Being detail-oriented can be a major con.

Being described as a detail-oriented person is commonly viewed as being a positive quality, and it certainly can be. But being extremely detailed can also lead to productivity issues.

When you begin tackling a task or project, consider how important it is to your overall business goals. This will guide you on how much time you should spend on it. Remember, it is ok for things to not be perfect, especially the more minor things. 


8. Taking care of your mental health always benefits your business.


Simply put, if your mental health begins to suffer, so will your business. Maintaining good mental health is so important as an entrepreneur. Make sure you take time for yourself, exercise, and eat well, all of which contribute to your overall mental well-being. 

Contrary to what some people may think, working longer hours does not actually make you more productive – but having a good work-life balance will. When you prioritize time for family, hobbies, and self-care, it actually will make you happier and more focused. This leads to a higher quality of work and allows you to come back to work with fresh ideas and new perspectives.

Lastly, getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep per day is a game-changer not only for productivity but for your physical and mental health. You may think working until 2 am is getting a lot accomplished, but if you need to be up by 6:00 am for your busy day ahead, your late night is not doing you any favours.

Embracing these productivity hacks will not only make your life easier, but it will set you up to grow your startup business more efficiently and quickly!

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